Step 1: What Do You Want?

This initial step summarises our discussions and is designed to clearly define the projects purpose, what will happen and when.

This step includes:

  • Agreement to Proceed and Deposit
  • Collect Practice Information and Team Details
  • Define Current Position
  • Understand  the Website's Purpose and Objectives
  • Agree on Planned Scope
  • Define Service Focus and Content Outline
  • Summarise Target Audience
  • Review some Design Attributes and Examples
  • Setup Project Management System
  • Detail Initial Steps and Delivery Schedule

Deliverable: Understanding of Your Needs (Day 2)

Milestone: Client Agreement

Step 2: Website Design Brief

During the website design meeting we ask questions around the look and feel of the website.

We solicit your ideas and seek feedback on our suggestions in order to create a design brief.

This step includes:

  • Acceptance of "Our Understanding of Your Needs"
  • Review existing Logo, Websites or Brochures
  • Consider other Website Designs, Colour Schemes, Styles, Layouts
  • Look at favoured websites and various competitor websites
  • Consider How to Gain Target Audience Attention and Engagement 
  • Examine other design Elements for Credibility and Barrier Lowering 
  • Reflect on what makes you different and how to build authenticity
  • Consider slider movement and navigation improvement
  • Understand the Patient Journey or How to Tell your Story
  • Agree on Locations, Calls to Action and Footer Design

The "Website Design Brief" step is conducted either online or in person.

 Deliverable: Design Brief (within 24 hours of Design Meeting)

Milestone: Design Brief Posted to Design Team

Step 3: Content Brief

During this step we expand on the specific content defined from our understanding of your needs.

This is done by our submission of clinical and non clinical topic checklists that cover:

  • Clinical Content Topics  
  • Doctor CV Page and Portrait Requirements
  • Non Clinical Pages Topics

These Checklists help define your services and practice information

Deliverable: Content Checklists (within 48 hours of Design Brief)

Milesone: Content Briefs Posted to Client

Step 4: Content Acceptance

During the content step the client can choose to get as involved as much as they choose.

This step includes:

Clinical Checklist

From the returned checklists the content team expand and prepare draft Clinical Content pages for review in MS Word Format.

Non Clinical Checklists

From the returned non-clinical checklists, the client receives Non-Clinical page forms or example pages. These include pages like:

  • Booking Policies
  • Online Appointments
  • Policies and Payments
  • Forms
  • About the Practice
  • Doctors Profile
  • Contact Us
  • Patient First Visit

This stage has four steps, these are.

  1. Checklists sent to the Client
  2. Client returns marked up Checklists
  3. Draft Page Content sent to Client in MS Word
  4. Cl ient Edits Content and Returns Approved

Site Map and Navigation

When the content plan is established a Site Map for the website is defined.

This Step involves both draft page submissions, client review or commentary and Client Approval

Deliverable: Draft Content to Client (3 Weeks)

Milestone: Content Acceptance

Step 5: Design Acceptance

This step is a progression from Step 2 - Website Design Brief. The Design Process can take a number of iterations and requires client feedback.

Often, after the initial design is submitted the client has further inputs and clearer ideas can crystallise.

Prior to Design Acceptance changes in colour, layout, design elements etc can be changed based on the client feedback.

Re-submissions should focus on not only layout and framework but audience usability and engagement.

Deliverable: Acceptable Design (client dependant)

Milestone: Design Acceptance

Step 6: Web Dev Process

The Website Development Step requires little client input.

It involves:

  • Design submission to the HTML-isation team
  • Design built over a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Creating the Content Scaffolding and adding Accepted Content
  • Adding page specific Meta Data and Content Structure for SEO 

Deliverable: Pre Live Website URL (3 weeks)

Milestone: Draft Website

Step 7: Go Live Process

During this Step we require Final Approval for the Pre Live Website including design and content acceptance. 

To take your new website live the team:

  • Move the website files to a local live Server
  • Arrange your domain or require your domain login details
  • Point your Domain ( to the website server
  • Setup form forwarding to your required emails

If the website is a redesign, it is important to immediately map and 301 redirect all old website URLs to their new equivalent pages.

Normally, this process takes 24-48 hours to propagate over the web.

Deliverable: Live Website URL (client dependant)

Milestone: Website Live

Step 8: Post Live SEO

Once the new Website is propagated the SEO Team perform the following tasks:

  • Submit SiteMap.xml etc to Google 
  • Add Google Analytics code
  • Add location to Google Maps (requires client response)
  • Submit the website to Directories and Showcases
  • Build basic Content Channel with Google+ and LinkedIn 
  • Build basic Social Profiles including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Review page tagging and structure