Video Content Marketing

Video Marketing For Doctors

Any online marketing would be incomplete without some video marketing. Effective videos are the most engaging form of Online.

Great videos tell a story and create strong emotional bonds

Online videos should be short, benefit rich and primarily about the viewer. 

Video Types

There are many successful formats and it really depends on your audience, outcomes and subject. Some popular types are:

  • Am I a Candidate Videos

  • "What Is In It for Me" WIIFM Videos

  • Seminars or Webinars (edited) Videos

  • Review Videos

  • Explainer Videos

  • How to ... or Educational Videos

  • Before and After Videos

  • Testimonials, My Story or Case Study Videos

Video Formats

Some popular video formats are: 

  • Animations

  • Moving Slideshows

  • Moving Stills (GIFs)

  • Phone Camera Videos

  • Full Quality Videos

Video Production

  • Strategy Development

  • Planning and Scripting

  • Edit Into, Outro & MP3 audio to client video content

  • Filming and Audio

  • Post Production & Editing

  • Video Optimisation for Search


Video Distribution

Once the Video is in the can, it is about getting it in front of the right eyeballs.

This may involve the:

  • creation of support content handouts, slideshows, posts and notes

  • promotion of SEO tags, posts and announcements

  • distribution through not only YouTube, Vimeo or TubeMogul but social media and other websits