Referral Marketing for doctors

Most Powerful Form of Advertising


Referral marketing is the most powerful marketing method for generating new patients - period. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world will tell you. 

No other method of marketing produces more patients. Of course we all use referral marketing. Most practices enjoy 70-80% of their new patient flow using referral marketing. But like everything there are ways it can be driven harder. The benefits can result in growth rates of greater than 100% per annum.



If this sounds good, just wait, there’s even more. Referral marketing is one of the least expensive of all marketing methods. Not only is referral marketing a selling strategy champion, it can often cost the practice little or nothing. Most of the time when something sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. But the power of referral marketing is an exception. Referral marketing is not only the best marketing method, but among the least expensive. It’s a fact.

Yet, not all referral marketing methods are created equal. Fortunately, the Quantum Digital employ and effective system for doctors we have two formats:

Referrals by Source

  • Patients Referred by other Patients
  • Patient Referred by other Businesses
  • Patient Referred by General Practitioners
  • Patients Referred by other Healthcare Providers

DIY Referral Marketing Guide

DIY Manual - where you can learn battle-hardened, tested and proven deployment. It’s based on the very best systems of the world’s top marketing gurus, and 30 years of successful referral marketing experience. 

This model draws on a wide variety of referral marketing systems, taking the best from each, while weeding out what is ineffective. Our system is a proactive and pragmatic program which brings a more systematic approach to generating leads and attracting patients. It also helps build patient loyalty, patient satisfaction, and greatly bolsters repeat sales, which is a primary key to total business success. 

Full Service Consultancy

If you were willing to improve your revenue by a minimum of 25% what is that worth.

We would go into your practice and analyse what exists and where the gaps are and design a referral and cooperative program tailored to your budget and ambitions.