Content Marketing is about attracting potential patients with high-quality, targeted content and nurturing those potential customers until they're ready to buy.

Your clear, engaging content can reside on your website but should also be distributed everywhere it is likely to be consumed by your target audience. This would typically include Facebook, Twitter, Google etc


The Bad News

Traditional marketing is broken. Blasting your message out to the masses -- via mail drops, print advertising, radio, yellow pages etc. -- is becoming less effective and more costly. It is also rude.

The Good News: Content Marketing is not like traditional marketing, it does not push but is designed to help your prospect.

Start a Conversation

It turns marketing around. It attracts patients towards your practice and is designed to help them on their decision journey. 

Research Questions, Refine Your Message, Frame Your Answers to match your ideal patients needs and then Answer Your Patients' Questions.

Why Content Marketing for Your Practice?

According to Google quality website content is still one of the key factors in determining high Google search rank.

Everything you write, upload, post, share and comment on is considered content. It can be text, images, videos, slideshows or really anything that can be consumed, enjoyed and used by patients or referrers.

Medical Content Marketing Benefits

  • Content is valuable, reliable, scaleable and recurring 
  • 27,000,000 content pieces shared everyday - Nielsen
  • 72% of marketing experts believe Content Marketing is more effective than push advertising, (magazine ads, radio, direct mail)
  • 400 nillion people read blogs every month
  • Content Marketing is the single most effective SEO tactic, blogs improve page indexing by >400% and enables 100% more page links
  • Practices that blog enjoy far more inquiries
  • People spend 50% of their time online reading content 
  • 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual - and images drive engagement 
  • 40% of website visitors believe visual design is a key driver for credibility
  • Video attracts more attention than any other form of content
  • Most smartphone users watch short videos once a day
  • Reviews help increase conversion by 100%
  • Every dollar spent on CM generates 300% more inquiry than any other form of marketing - Demand metric 2013
  • 70% of people prefer to learn about a doctor by articles

Still Unsure?

Are you talking to patients who are looking for your service but have not heard of you before?

This is where communicating your practice’s services and your professional credentials is needed. A challenge that needs to be handled ethically but effectively.

  • Become a medical thought leader
  • Build a clear and dominant online profile
  • Our content mission is to help medical professionals be found more easily online
  • Don't Get Left Behind
  • Know First Be First, Benefit First
  • Focus more time on what you would rather be doing
  • Attract more of the right patients

Content Marketing Outsourcing

Outsourcing content marketing can work: One of the reasons that practices do not invest in content marketing is because they believe it will take away from their existing marketing efforts. Their employees need to spend time creating blog posts and promoting them.

Understandably, it’s tough to make this kind of commitment when most employees are already overworked. On top of that, most employees lack the experience to create effective posts that will get results. They stop too early and conclude that it’s not effective.

Effective Content Marketing requires a plan and objectives, a clear target audience, resources to execute a content strategy and the expertise to develop the content.

Medical Thought Leadership 

Being seen as a thought leader is the ultimate Content Marketing outcome. It drives traffic, conversion and margin. While it is rarely a specific objective for many Doctors, it should be.

Positioning your services, and helping patients with authentic content that also speaks about beliefs, processes, and experiences can be powerful accomplishments. Authenticity and quality always make a difference: