We Aim To Help Doctors Help More Patients

As medical services becomes increasingly competitive and attracting suitable local patients is becoming increasingly costly. Quantum can help by applying effective strategies including:


Digital Travel Agent for Doctors

With thousands of doctors as clients through our 13 year association with Your Practice Online, we are Australia's largest digital agency focusing on online medical marketing.

Quantum operates like a digital travel agent. For each client, we learn Where you want to go, and How you want to get there.

Like a travel agent we can offer a range of solutions to match a variety of budgets and preferences. Quantum Digital can create a package of digital solutions that will help you get to your destination.

Where Do You Want To Go

For some practices it is about arriving, for others it’s about the journey. Exotic stopovers, luxury hotels or budget airfares.

Regardless of whether your digital journey involve special stopovers or a pack tour, Quantum can help you define which path best matches your needs.

We Deliver & Our Culture or Passion

Our purpose is to:  Amplify our clients commitment to their patients.

Our content mission is to: Help medical professionals be found more easily online.

We believe in three basic tenets (principles that mean something for clients)

  • Explain Processes
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Make the language simple
  • Answer Patients Questions
  • Establish Your Credentials
  • Educate or Support Patient Understanding

Our Method

Our approach is to offer personal responsive service with a focus on creativity. Our offer applies strategy and content to help our clients help more patients.

  • Distribute your content to engage your audience
  • Drive traffic and more inquiries to your practice
  • Research to understand your patient's needs & journey
  • Design or modify your professional online platform
  • Create engaging content to improve awareness

Building Relationships, Not Selling

By focusing on your patient questions and needs you are treating them more like people not visitors.

Many practices count their website visitors and measure page-views. While these insights can be valuable. Other metrics like linger time, social shares, downloads and submissions are indicators of how your visitors actually consume your content.

These measures also tell which content resonates most with your audience, so you can do more of what works.

Content Makes The Web Worthwhile

While answering questions is the bread and butter of good online content, it is surprising how often so many good questions go unanswered. 

Good content makes the web worthwhile, it educates, entertains and engages. More advanced content can offer more, in many ways.

We Can Tell Your Story

Effective stories can position your practice and can engage and educate patients. 

Uncovering and telling your practice stories is a not simple, but if done well can involve your audience and create a deep engagement. The most important element is audience interest. Your stories can take many forms. They can include:

  • cartoons or infographics
  • statistics or standard prose
  • before and after case studies,
  • parables or cautionary tales,

What We Do?

Quantum Digital helps hundreds of surgeons plan, create, and integrate their digital marketing through advice, creativity, strategy, development and technology.

We create strategy first then focus on tactical issues. We can create a solid plan that defines a marketing road map for your practice online.