Logo Design for Doctors

A well crafted logo can be a visual shortcut that reflects your core service and also be a visual shortcut that re-enforces your brand and promise.

A great logo should tell a story. 

While a logo may not be important to your practice, it can be used as a unifying design element across all media, signage and stationery. Please talk to us and let us discuss the various approaches we offer.

Free Logo Design

We can offer a free logo service with our website design but the scope and scale of this logo creation process is limited.

Within a day we can produce an array of designs with some colour and layout variations.

Custom Logo Design

The process is online and benefits from multiple designer inputs. Each designer competes for your winning vote.

It is a very cost effective approach ($440). Best results are achieved with daily reviews and specific design feedback.

Local Stationery Design

Engaging a local designer to build your brand identity from the ground up is the third option. A brand identity package starts from $1,100 and is a hands-on consultative process with a local designer.

We provide Branding and Design Services to empower your communication. Your practice promotional design should be integrated into a unified communication strategy, which means that all components work together in order to create your interconnected impact. A brand identity package can include:

  • Business Cards

  • With Compliments

  • Referral Pads

  • Logos

  • Envelopes

  • Presentation Folders

  • Letterhead

  • Practice Stationery

  • Brochure Covers

Logo Design Process & Terms

We supply a range of logo ideas for your initial comment.

We then request a logo design brief to be completed by the client - Logo Brief Outline

An initial Logo Design is created for client review, and we require detailed design feedback within 7 days of this design. We offer 3 full design iterations, all requiring detailed design feedback within 7 days.

Where feedback is outside the 7 days or for additional design iterations or changes, a fee of $33 per hour will be added.

The approved logo submission can also have 3 draft changes.

Upon final payment the logo art is and it's associated intellectual property passed to the client.