Medical Website Form Designs

There are many ways to treat forms on your website. Below are some common approaches.


Booking Request Form

New Patient Form

Engagement Form

Quick Inquiry Form

Website Forms are Important

The days of paper based forms are ending. Today the vast majority of people find well designed forms easy to complete.

The benefits to the practice are many, some are:

  • More Accurate
  • More Efficient
  • More Engaging
  • More Flexible
  • More Useful
  • More Secure

Don't Be Greedy


Show respect by making your forms:

visually simple, easy to use, logical and quick

Less is more, forms should only:

require necessary data, minimise mandatory fields


What Happens After the Form Fill

Autoresponders for submissions, can take your patient to the next step, this can include what to bring, videos, introductions or other useful information. Further calls to action can include Pop Ups

Your form information can also be sent to multiple form recipients

Form Submission Pop Up (1).png