Medical Website Contact Support

Website Support Platform - BASECAMP

Watch the 60 Sec - HOW TO USE Basecamp Video


Our support team are contactable online by using a collaborative project management system called Basecamp

This allows you 24 hour access to our support team.

Depending on the time there can be a 4 - 6 hour delay in response.


IMPORTANT - Do not use the emails to:

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Your Website Support Team


Let your team meet our team. The PMS Basecamp is the easiest way to communicate with all your website support team. It keeps all your website information in one spot.

Coordinated Website Development and Support

Anyone in your practice who has inputs or needs to keep abreast of the development and then ongoing maintenance and marketing should be include. If there is a change simply advise us.

Your Entire Website History in on Place

Overtime your Basecamp will become your website’s history and backup resource for all changes that have occurred to your website



Website Support by Mail

Basecamp can support 2Gb files but if you need to send something that is not electronic, such as bulky items, you may choose to post.

Please advise us to expect the item via post.