Dental Website Special Offer Pages

Your “New Patient Special” page is your opportunity to make an offer prospective patients can’t refuse.

The lifetime value of some doctor's patients can be incredibly high (potentially tens of thousands of dollars when you factor in referrals), so be generous with your new patient specials.

Not Too Generous.

You don’t want to experience the dreaded “Groupon Effect,” where your practice is flooded with overly cost-conscious patients who are just looking for a deal.

Also, don’t just add your new patient special to the text of your practice’s homepage. Create a dedicated page and use search engine optimization to help this page rank highly in Google searches.

Also, ensure your offer does not conflict with the various medical and Dental Advertising Guidelines relating to Advertising or Promotion of services

Adwords and Facebook Advertising

You can also use this page as a landing page for Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and other online advertising campaigns.

  • Best Practice New Patient Offer Page
  • Best practices for a “New Patient Special” page
  • Keep it simple. Your promotion shouldn’t take more than a sentence or two.
  • Make it eye-catching. Capture your audience’s attention and keep them reading.
  • Create specials that provide value to both you and your new patients.
  • Maybe consider offering free X-rays as part of a discounted first exam.

Not a free cleaning may be attractive to a prospective patient, but may not necessarily lead to a long-term relationship with that patient.

Experiment with seasonal specials or different new patient specials to see which brings you the most business.

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