Reputation Marketing for Doctors

Build Your Reputation Online

Your practice or personal brand is the summary of your kept promises.

Your reputation is therefore a summary of past promises kept.


positive reviews help increase conversion by 100%

Typically we work with clients who have had an unhappy patient post something negative about a doctor online. Even one negative review can have material impact on your new patient enquiry.

Resolving negative reviews can sometimes be difficult and other times very difficult. A better way is managing your reputation online as insurance against the possibility of a negative review in the future. No one is perfect, and a doctor with 19 positive reviews and one negative review is a believable online profile.

Doctors with social proof and authentically happy patient reviews will improve you online engagement.

Reviews Improve Medical Marketing

Having patients say good things about you sends strong signals to Google and will also help with your SEO Page Ranking.


Reputation Marketing For Doctors Works

Online Reputation Management

It can be as simple as asking happy patients to post their comments on popular review websites or a systematic process that makes it easy for your patients to share their positive stories. Either way - 

Online Reputation Management should not be ignored

Do you know?


A reported 73% of people refer to and trust online reviews as a form of personal recommendation.

If your online recommendations aren’t glowing, you may be in trouble. So building a strong reputation is important.

Your outcome is to build a natural online profile with sufficient ‘5 Star Reviews’ for your service and practice. Achieving this ‘lead indicator’ will help improve new patient conversions and better search engine ranking.

Online reputation management (ORM) should be one of your key marketing initiatives and when executed, will yield big benefits. 

Why is Your Reputation Important? 

Great medical practice reviews offer the following benefits:


● High rated websites rank better on Google,

● People believe credible peer commentary, and

● Transparency drives trust. Whether a visitor is at the awareness, consideration, or decision stage, good case studies help.

● Reviews can answer patients questions,

● ‘Real’ patient commentary resonates with readers,

● Earned media engagement works,