Effective Practice Marketing


Many doctors focus considerable marketing efforts on attracting new patients. Often, however they have an excellent and low cost source of new and repeat patients at their fingertips.

Your practice database can be utilised to help achieve improved outcomes in many areas of your practice.

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Why Consider Database Marketing

Database marketing should be more than sending an annual Christmas Card. Effective database marketing can help

  • Follow up prospective patients
  • Enhance practice messaging
  • Communicate extended services
  • Educate patients on what to expect
  • Remind existing patients
  • Time related communications
  • Help with patient preparation
  • Recall old patients
  • Survey your patients
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Communicate targeted offers
  • Request more information
  • Seek personal referrals

Create Your List


Creating a practice marketing list can originate from online forms, practice management systems, clinical records, event attendees, emails, or texts.

Regularly updating your database or automatically collecting or editing your patient records is also essential to improve your database's value.   


Build a Database

Your database should include both basic demographic data (name, address, date of birth, etc) as well as source, diagnoses, conditions, treatments, important dates, known outcomes, prospective journeys and actionable or relevant data.

Segment Your List

Having a well populated database allows you to segment or filter your list so that you can help your patients with decisions, treatments, timely advice, education or other messaging.

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Use Your Practice Database

Once you have a database with suitable fields, it can be used to effect any number of marketing outcomes.

Using technologies such as email marketing, SMS, survey tools and other platforms that are integrated with a database and workflow tools can allow your practice to deliver very effective marketing strategies. 


Automated Processes

By creating automated processes your practice can create high quality, effective and low cost systems that can be triggered by events, behaviour or responses.

Communication or billing processes may also be driven by various sequences or dates relating to individual patients or groups.


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