Know Your Patients' Journey

If you think about it we are all on a journey, and as patients seek more answers good patient nurturing takes on increasing importance.

The patient journey describes all the sequential steps in providing a patient’s care.  This includes both clinical and non-clinical steps.

Improved Care Planning

The ability to automate your patients pre and post operative journey can be a powerful addition to your practices communication strategy.

We believe a well informed patient can only improve their health outcomes. Further, we suggest that in many cases where the patient journey is foreseeable the use of automation can help with efficient, sophisticated nurturing campaigns.

Automation can be a huge time-saver for your practice, and the time invested in mapping out your patient journeys and thinking through useful touchpoint automation is well worth the effort.

Other Benefits of Automation

Not all patients are the same and by employing, using various an initial appointment automation poorly qualified patients can be required to complete compliance or qualification procedures.

Further, depending on a patient's answers or behaviour the patient can be assigned to various pathways and processes. These pathways can trigger alerts, emails, texts, or other devices delivered over various communication channels.

Practice Benefits

  • Increase practice efficiency
  • Improve patient understanding of their condition
  • Enure compliance with checklists and alerts
  • Engage patients with instructional videos
  • Develop a closer patient relationships using discrete touchpoints
  • Reduce staff time by answering common questions when they are likely to be asked
  • Streamline your practice operations and automate care plan processes
  • Improve quality standards
  • Measure Outcomes using before and after questionnaires

Patient Benefits

  • Convenient access via smartphone to
  • Prepare patients with preoperative information
  • Alert patients with directions and operational details
  • Timely information
  • Guide patients through post operative care
  • Drive higher satisfaction with information when they need it
  • Directions delivered to smartphone.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the operation and recovery process.
  • Receive timely reminders for critical tasks before and after an operation.

How Automation Works?

Analysing the patient journey and identifying any useful information that a patient may need is the first step in mapping out what is required to help your patients through their pre and post operative journey.

  • Is the process building towards an engagement of post even (like surgery)? 
  • Does the journey need to slowly build on each other and support this journey?
  • What is the trigger point and what data is required?
  • What are the touchpoints and milestones?
  • What are the best collateral to help? - text, web pages, landing pages, videos, animations, checklists, infographics, GIFs etc

These questions and timing can be different from procedure to procedure, or by other patient segmentations.

More Sophisticated Patient Journeys

More sophisticated Patient Journeys can be triggered by specific patient actions or behaviour like: clicked links, opened emails, landing pages visited and more.

For even more sophisticated nurturing campaigns, you can add if-then statements in your automation that tailor your patient journey campaign based on the actions of your patients.

So if you’re not currently applying communication automation, now is the time to start and see if you’re fully taking advantage of what is possible.

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