Medical Review Page

The best medical websites don't always belong to the best doctors, sometimes they belong to the best marketers.

Garnering Google Reviews and other reviews for doctors has become more important. While we used to only receive calls from doctors who had a patient post a negative review online, nowadays we get asked how to build up their online review profile.

Why You Need Reviews

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Here are three reasons doctors need More Great reviews:


To insure against the possibility that someone will post a negative review for you. With no positive reviews this single negative review can badly impact your patient engagement and appointments. We could tell you some stories to back this up.


Simply put many patients engage more and believe in what other patients say. Every patient Googles you and what they see can improve your chances that a patient will call you.

Social proof drives human behaviour for many.


As part of Google quality score and algorithm your standing with clients comes into play. We have seen this first hand with traffic numbers through client analytics.

How Do You Attract More Reviews

To build your review numbers takes two easy steps.

Make it easy for the doctors to ask happy patients to share their comments, and

Make it easy for patients to review your practice

Make it easy to Ask

If you make it easy for the doctors to ask for a review, more review requests will follow.

Simply hand your happy patients your Happy Card. The 'Happy Card' says

  • what what they can do for your practice by way of thanks and
  • tells them how to do it.

Patients will be relieved as in many cases they feel liberated from obligations to buy you a thank you gift of spend time and money arranging a Thank You card.

Make It Easy to Review

If you make it easy for the patient to review you, more review will follow.

On your Happy Card. is a link to a hidden page on your website like this

When the patient goes to your website review page and clicks on the link they are auto-magically taken directly to your review page. Simple.

NB: Only people with a Google account (gmail, youtube or other) can post Google reviews.