Medical Website Redesign for Orthopaedic Surgeon

Website Plan

The website design for the doctor needed to be modernised after 7 years.

The client is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon focusing on shoulder and elbow conditions.

Dr Harper was a great client whose focus was on helping patients in Sydney with difficult Shoulder and Elbow problems. He needed to maintain his leadership online as well as create a website that reflected his patients' lifestyles and his own passions.

Website Design

The website design was created to reinforce online credibility and answer potential patients or general search visitors questions, as well as being visually engaging for the surgeons target patients.

Website Content

The website content creation followed the normal content creation methodology. Dr Harper also contributed his own material which we think adds an authenticity to the website.

The content process was quick and the client's personalised touch was well focused.

The well structured non-clinical content was also drafted by us and edited by the client.

The Client supplied great portrait photos through a professional photographer arranged by us.

Educational animations were also incorporated to help with detailed anatomical and procedural explanations

Website Outcome

The client is happy with the end result.

The website design was fresh and visually pleasing. The website incorporates marketing and mobile optimised features. Among these are: easy to use search functions, advanced forms, links and process flow automation for efficient data flow.

Before and After

The colours and core messages were kept consistent and website structure pagination were carefully managed so as not to impact the websites SEO standing. The website ranks in the top three for shoulder surgeon Sydney.



Website After

Website Before