Medical Practice Website Australia

Website Plan

Sandy Hill Medical Centre is a brand new purposely designed medical centre with a team thriving to provide modern and holistic care in the Victoria. The general practice offers a full primary health care service and targets both male and female patients.

The client wants to rank highly general practice searches but also for their specialist services including Cosmetic Surgery and advanced Women's Health services.

Website Design

The website needs to help differentiate the practice services and ensure patients understand that SHMC offers expertise and excellent service.

The vibrant colours were selected as a beachside theme and to stand out and engage visitors looking for the practice’s services.

As well as reinforce the message that SHMC offers a professional, caring, safe, and personalised service.
Colours chosen is vibrant with a seaside feel. It is fully responsive for desktop and mobile. And is clean and minimalist.

Website Content

The website content creation followed the normal Clinical and Non Clinical development methodology that also acts as a full content gap analysis.

The content drafted by our content team was also enhanced by client contributions and the inclusion of explainer videos. This made the website content more unique and will improve the websites performance overtime.

While our experienced medical writers' content typically requires minimal inputs by the client we love it when our clients offer personalised inputs as well as adding more focused website content.

The well structured conditions and treatments as well as the equally important non-clinical content has proven to be very important also.

Medical Practice Website Redesign.jpg

Website Outcome

The client was happy with the end result.

The website appears in the first page of search results for most of their chosen keywords.

The website incorporates responsive website design and is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Website Support

Medical practice web sites are continually being updated, as part of the unlimited support package -- we critique, encourage and suggest regular changes.

For this web site we are continuing to improve both user experience and function both on the website and over the many off site social channels we help managed for the client.