Medical Website Case Studies

Why Use Case Studies?

Patient's love stories.

They are excellent for credibility, engagement and conversion.

Case studies don't have to be boring.

Case Studies enable the patient or family member to understand in overview form what to expect from your practice.

Benefits of Case Studies

The benefits of case studies and patient stories are they:

Emphasize a problem or solution as a human story

Showcase your service in a real world setting

Offer transparency and increase trust

Easily engage visitors

Tell a story to maintain attention more than facts

Resonate emotionally and bridge the trust gap



Case Studies can address uncertainty by helping a visitor process their thoughts logically. They need to be consumed and understood by the target in 30 seconds, brevity is best. They need to answer questions like:

Does the solution justify its cost?

How long will it take to get a result?

Should I trust this practice?

Is the doctor right for me?

Will the solution work for me?

Will surgery work for me as well as I want?

Types of Case Studies

Depersonalised Case Studies

Whether by convention, regulation or your patients sometime an ‘unnamed’ patient case study or patient story is more than acceptable.

As a well structured case study will address many of the benefits previously stated

Personalise Case Studies

Choosing case study candidates, especially for sensitive patient journeys like plastic surgery or bariatrics can be a sensitive conversation. However, many clients have achieved this. To identify patients who:

  • Are happy to celebrate their outcomes

  • Have a good stories with unexpected or topical switchers

  • Represent your ‘ideal patient profile’ age, demographics etc

  • Are willing to supply before and afters

  • Will allow the practice to post the story on websites, social media or review websites

Identify Ideal Patients

It maybe useful to identify them early often it is harder to contact past customers and ask them to participate.

Sometimes offering expanded value before asking them to participate, but just because you’ve decided that you want to create a case study using your new customer doesn’t mean you should ask them right away.

Appealing to some patients sense of celebrating their journey or recognising their success is enough

Case Study Questions

About the Story Hero

Sometimes introducing the patient in summary is a nice introduction. Some profile questions can include:

  • Name:

  • Age:

  • Married:

  • Children:

  • Occupation: builder, mother,

  • Benefit or result: how your patient benefited use numbers in description is also great.


Before you start, you need to outline the problem your patient is facing and know the specific outcomes. Below is a list of open questions you may consider but try to keep it simple:

  • Patent experience before the service

  • How did you feel before losing the weight?

  • Outline the problem or challenge faced -

  • Explain the challenges faced or pain point

  • How my weight affected my life?

  • How did the problem affect my family life?

  • Explain the patient symptoms, original discovery or why he saw his GP

  • Outline Initial Diagnosis and stage of disease

  • Possibly cover the patient concerns and how they were handled

  • Three points of frustration you faced.

  • What drove you to take action?

  • What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try something new?

  • What is your ambition in life?

  • What were the top reasons you chose to take action?


Often the procedure or treatment is better understood by the doctor, but if the patient has explicit recollections they bring authenticity to the story

  • Reveal the plan or agreed approach

  • What worried before the procedure?

  • How were my concerns handled?

  • Solution/Implementation/Process Benefits

  • Use data to building credibility

  • Use quotes to add insights or reinforce benefits

  • Define the results or outcome

  • Use quotes to validate the story

  • Use pictures to validate the story

  • How easy or hard was it to get started?

  • Other experiences with the service

  • How quick and how much weight did I lose?

  • Explain briefly the course of Treatment taken (Surgery, Oncology etc)

  • Maybe include complications

  • Post-surgery treatments


This is the most important and is often where a case study should start and the before and during steps should follow.

  • How much and how quick did I lose?

  • What is different about my eating habits and life?

  • Their Results With Your Product/Service

  • What has changed to my life & eating?

  • How has it helped you to overcome the challenges you had before

  • What can you do now?

  • Initial prognosis

  • Early recovery and challenges

  • 6-12 months after

  • Post-cancer lifestyle overview

  • How is it different than other alternatives you’ve tried?

  • What were my clothes size changes?

  • What is your favorite feature? Why?

  • Tell me about the most positive experience you’ve had using this product/service. (Probe for specifics)

  • Other feedback


  • Why I would recommend the surgery to others?

  • Why I recommend the doctor or practice to others?

Should you share patient stories on social media?