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To look your best, your About Pages are important as they are you opportunity to communicate or celebrate your uniqueness and authenticity. 

Research and experience tells us that your “About” page is the second-most visited page on your website.

Because choosing a doctor or surgeon can be a very personal, confusing and important decision, your About Page should help in a prospective patients decision journey.

What Is In It For Me?

Your “About” page can make the difference, because it is here that prospective patients can tell you apart others and answer why you should care.

Does it pass the "So What Test?"

The About page must highlight factors that push prospective patients to schedule a first appointment by:

  • Defining how you can help (services, solutions benefits)

  • Explaining why your practice is different

  • How you are unique

  • How a patient can benefit, reinforce with facts (eg: no waiting, always present at delivery, outcome statistics

  • Make sure the About content has meaning or is compelling to the patient rather than ‘so what’

  • Offer flexible approaches or a clearly defined approach with benefit

  • Mission and Vision - make sure its motivational

Page Inclusions

The page needs to be clear and simple

  • Feature photos of yourself, your staff, technology

  • Use bullet points to make important information easy to find.

  • Show personality, stand out, maybe a little less formal (without loss of credibility, trust)

  • Write about your philosophy and approach to [condition].

  • Add helpful guides, tips, videos - no jargon

  • Include fun facts about your practice such hobbies, community, TV Appearances, what makes you unique.

  • Introduce the people behind the scenes to make a personal connection, gallery, Team, Partners,

  • Practice Your

  • Video Engagement, Assessments or What to Expect Page

  • Answer Key or Important Questions

Links to Other Pages

  • Surgeons Page

  • Credibility Drivers - Case Studies

  • Journey Page -

  • Barrier Lowering Devices

  • Outcomes - published clinical outcomes, 95% success rate, proof

  • Reviews - Happy Patients (Reviews), links to reviews

  • Choice or a range of approaches

  • Trustworthiness - Testimonials, customer logos, employee quotes and culture

  • Latest or Advanced Technology, 95 slide CT Scan offering unrivaled diagnostic clarity

  • Location or Hospital, no need for you or family members to travel

  • Policies, Price, simple value proposition, no gap, fixed fee, etc

  • Privacy, Other Terms, Booking, Cancellation etc

  • Research and Clinical Trials

  • Publications, Lectures and Apearances

  • Are You A Candidate

  • Seminars & Events

  • Care Plan

  • First Visit - Out of Town Visitors

Tell Stories

A story must integrate with how a patient can benefit. Simple stories that help patients decide.

Your patients are typically at an early stage of their journey and may feel like they are walking into a dimly lit room. Your stories can be either anecdotal or real. A great story can help you:

  • Humanise your page with a cool story about your service. Every practice has a story to tell - ensure it is descriptive, personal, emotional, graphical.

  • Empower a visitor with a cool story

  • Explain using easy words and graphics, "the basis of a brighter future built on a helping hand not a hand out"

  • Include customer testimonials or case studies

  • Always consider video - a one minute video is worth 5,000 words. They are easy and can clearly tell a story.


Our friendly, experienced and professional team help demystify the process of treating your condition.

Our mission is to combine our knowledge, method, experience and technology to offer patients a successful outcome.

In combination with other colleagues and professional service provides we specialise in treating:

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  • Key Condition 2

  • Key Condition 3

  • Key Condition 4

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