Online marketing for Doctors

Get focused Patient Marketing and Reach 98% of your target Audience

reduce costs with Performance Based Optimisation and increase your Google Adwords return on Investment.

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Group & Target Niches

  • Define target persona
  • Understand needs
  • Target decision stage
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Send to Landing Page

  • Focused design
  • Clear calls to action
  • Add Calls to Action

Engage Clear Benefits

  • Build credibility
  • Answer patient needs
  • Lower any barriers

Use Direct Line Automation

  • Enable 24/7 access
  • Collect details
  • Employ technology



Optimise Your Advertising Returns

Don't waste your advertising budget. There are many aspects and options involved in optimising paid online marketing with either Google or Facebook. Some additional aspects that can materially improve returns on advertising spend are:

Add Online Bookings

Employ Engagement Tools

Use Secondary Downloads

Add Backend Follow Up Automation

Optimise Adword Spend to Callers

Employ Smart Learning Optimisation

Use Visitor Remarketing
Use Chat Engagement
Target Facebook Profiling

Medical Marketing for Doctors

Over 50% of patients search for medical service providers online. Firstly attracting and then converting visitors to patients is Conversion Marketing.

Conversion Optimisation is the art and design of ensuring your landing pages are on message and work. It involves targeting patients with select intentional keyword phrases. Then channelling these searchers to specific landing pages.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Marketing typically involves some form of paid advertising and is different from organic SEO.

Using sponsored traffic from Google, Facebook or other publishers various strategies are available for different markets and outcomes. The key issue is measurability and achieving a return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing 

There are a range of search engine marketing (SEM) approaches to consider with even the entry level allowing you to appear in the most prominent position on Google‘s search engine results pages (SERPS).

Showing your practice website to patients when they are ready to make a booking.

We make it easy by taking care of all the time consuming setup and analytical tasks. We also deliver detailed reporting that clearly shows measureable results and enables continuous improvement

Advanced Medical Marketing Choices

There are a range of advanced approaches available which allow more focused outcomes that deliver improved returns on investment. Key search campaign benefits are:

  • Develop fine focus on conditions or treatments
  • Employ a variety of conversion strategies
  • Develop different engagement pathways
  • Immediate results, no waiting like SEO that can take months to take effect.
  • Limit exposure with a defined budget

In an increasingly competitive environment a well managed website is sometimes not enough,
much more can be done.