Traditional Marketing Does Not Work

 Because most people just ignore it.

Traditional marketing can also called 'push marketing'. It accounts for thousands of messages received by everyone, everyday. 

Push Marketing is everywhere. It is over our heads, on our walls, clothes and products, in our ears, over our heads and stuffed through our mail boxes. It wastes money, it rarely helps and seeks to rudely interrupt every part of our lives - if we let it.

Why Doesn't It Work?

Marketing or interruption marketing does not work 99% of the time because people are not interested. Most marketing does not work because we are all busy people and we simply switch off to things that are of no interest to us.

What Interests Your Patients?

Patients do consume enormous amounts of content, in fact they spend 50% of their time online reading information online. Effective content generates 300% more inquiry when compared to traditional marketing (source: Demand Metrics 2014)

Furthermore, evidence shows that informed patients are less likely to respond to online marketing-bait.

Effective marketing is pull or inbound marketing. It turns push advertising upside down. It engages your targets online by understanding what interests your patients, what questions they ask and where they are looking for answers.

Content can be educational, inspiring or informational and by using different formats that address your target audience's needs - your patients pull themselves towards your practice.


Use Questions

Whether your practice is looking to maintain a strong position online or for more new patients, most practices can benefit from improving online engagement.

Engaging patients online by creating and distributing relevant and valuable content is a powerful marketing strategy. The right content will attract, acquire and engage your prospective patients.

Use Content That Helps (not sells)

Typically, medical practice marketing outcomes are around attracting patients interested in what you do but, who do not know you - yet. 

  • Using content as a strategy your practice can aim to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Drive More Inquiry - by answering prospective patients questions
  • Better Patient Focus - by targeting your message and displaying your practice expertise
  • Improved Engagement - by offering content your patients want you are helping not selling.
  • Greater Exposure - by patient shares and comments
  • Strengthened Loyalty - by improving existing patient's experience for happier patients

It Just Makes Sense

Better informed patients lead to improved health outcomes. Also Google rewards searcher fulfillment. Good content attracts more reach, traffic and inquiry.

Good content is the foundation but it must also be designed or distributed effectively.