Medical Content CREATION

Content is very important to both your visitors and to Google and needs to be complete, clear and easy to crawl. 

Websites without effective content tend to:  

Poor Keyword Focus

Poor Content Structure

Assumed Patient Knowledge

Many Logic Gaps

What Google Wants?

Google wants the same as your visitors, "to help and answer searchers' questions" 

Google's searchers are your prospective patients, and by helping Google's searchers answer their questions Google will serve your page more. 

In order to create a logical way to address visitors questions, each page's content and structure should include keywords, headlines, page tagging and answer patients questions.

Some critical questions that need to be addressed are:

Content Structure By Problem

  • What is the condition or problem?   
  • Where and how does it affect your anatomy  
  • What are the problem’s causes    
  • How does it affect your health e.g. pain     
  • What signs or pathology is evident    
  • What are the growth path   
  • Describe process and pre treatment tests   
  • What are the consequences if not treated 

Content Structure BY Solution

  • What are the patient’s choices or options  
  • What alternative treatments are available    
  • Overview surgical approach   
  • Outline features and benefits of approach   
  • Detail specific steps for procedure    
  • Advise on pre-surgery preparation    
  • Describe stages of recovery and care plan    
  • Answer what the patient should expect   
  • Answer lifestyle or off work duration     
  • Answer fees, payment & funding options     
Structure Website Content