Doctors Profile Page


A profession photo is important. You need to look: confident, professional, approachable, trustworthy.

Elements of a good profile image are:

  • Individual
  • Landscape not portrait
  • Keep them current
  • Wear - theatre scrubs
  • Smile
  • In focus and well lit
  • Head and shoulder
  • Wear - consulting attire


For Sydney doctors we recommend

Doctors Photos

A Complete Profile Tells a Story

Your profile page is often your most visited page on your website. This arguably makes it the second most important page on your website.

An effective profile, CV or bio page needs to be effective and reinforce your credibility.

Most patients do not understand what it takes to become a surgeon and we believe it important to complete a full profile.

Make it easy to read

The layout needs to be both logical, clear and easy to scan. Most visitors wont read or possibly even understand your journey but you want to reinforce a sense of accomplishment.


By including details, dates, awards, hospitals even recognised brands like clubs or institutions you are referencing touch points that patients, family or referrers may know and trust.


Lastly, while referencing or including images lecturing, accepting awards, participating in charity events or appearing on TV, radio or in the press should also be included.