Why Do You Need a Website?

This is always the first question we ask clients

Patient Expect To Find You Online

The most compelling reason is because your patients expect it, like having a phone or a business card.

In discussion with surgeons other reasons are often framed in what doctors hope to gain from a website. And beyond patient expectations there a many great reasons for a having a website.

Common Benefits

Some of the more common outcomes or objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • HELP - to help patients, share useful information and answer questions,
  • VISIBILITY - to look professional and position your practice, service and experience,
  • COMMUNICATE - to make communicating with patients, carers and referrers easier, 
  • GROW - to grow your practice in a changing healthcare environment,
  • PROCESS - to improve practice efficiencies using automation


Many clients do not rank marketing as their primary outcome. Often it is to simply to look professional and provide useful and accurate information, but other outcomes can include::

  • Niche Positioning - differentiate your expertise, services approach or specialisation
  • Patient Education - offer choice, resolve barriers and drive understanding
  • Being Found - by name, location, symptom, condition, problem
  • Creating a Community - nurture a group, communicate, share and provide support
  • Building a Brand - engender trust and engage a wider audience
  • Thought Leadership - develop an elevated standing by demonstrating your unique expertise

What DO YOUR Patients See NOW?

Many clients already have an online presence or profile. Sometimes, this presence is neither crafted nor curated. These online listings can be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. 

This can undermine your online message and needs to be considered in any website planning.  

Your website should act as a flagship for both your identity and promise, but can also do much more. A strong web presence however only begins with your website.