What is Website Optimisation?

Attracting Targeted Patients

Creating online visibility for your medical practice's website is an ongoing process and is called search engine optimisation (SEO). With effective SEO, your website will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPS) and enjoy more prospective visitor and patients.

Ideally, SEO needs to be planned as part of your website development process. This SEO focus will help your website's online visibility. However, SEO is more than what you add to your website

How SEO works

When you hear the term “search engine optimisation” do you think that implies optimising your practice website? 

What it really means is giving the right signals to Google (and other search engine) so the search engines understand whether your website will answer prospective patients (searcher's) questions. 

Patients First

So by thinking about your patients first and answering their questions your website is laying the foundations for effective website optimisation.

SEO for medical practices


Google understands facts about people, places and things that matter. Google then focuses on how these elements are all connected and how people engage with these elements and your website.

These connectedness signals are key for Google and really add juice to a website's visibility.

While Google changes their algorithm daily, when building a consistent online strategy, understanding this principle is essential. While the basic are still important it is the connectedness principle that drives SEO.

Create a Co-ordinated Strategy

What can we offer

While we offer custom solutions we also offer standard packages for most medical practices.