Website Content

We breakdown the content for a new website into two categories:

  • Clinical Content
  • Non-Clinical Content

So we don't overwhelm our clients in the first instance we try an keep it simple.

Step One - Your Clinical Content

You would have received a Clinical Content Checklist for your areas of specialisation.

Please complete this and return.

If you are interested in our content creation method please view our approach:

Step Two - Basic Non Clinical Content Pages

You will receive a number of emails coveri basic Non-Clinical Content Pages of these the most important and often the hardest to obtain is a full profile. 

The Doctors profile is often the most visited page of the website and is often the least well presented.

Please click the DOCTORS PAGE box below and follow the directions.

Other essential Non-Clinical pages are also included.

Step Three - Advanced Non-Clinical Content Pages

There are many topics that practices may like to cover that are of a more operational nature