Doctors Website Team Page

Why this Page is Important

Often your patients will spend as much or more conscious time with admin or other support staff than with the primary care provider like a surgeon.

Furthermore, it is only human that your website visitors often feel more comfortable when they can see what people look like before they engage them over the phone.

Lastly, including the full scope of your professional team including:

  • preoperative team members,
  • key theatre colleagues like surgical assistants, anaesthetists,
  • post operative support and rehab team members, and
  • any other typical touchpoints

can help to support a more complete and integrated process and your professional offering.

Team Members

We believe individual team members are better than group pictures as it only take the inevitable loss of one member to make the group obsolete.

The individual member photo should be labeled and offer a link to a more complete profile.

What Do They Do?

For do for the patient. If some team members perform support functions they may only require a basic profile that could include:

  • Profile Pictures (clean and professional)
  • Name (surname maybe optional)
  • Position (designation) or Area of Responsibility or How they help
  • Qualification or Sub specialisations
  • Special areas of interest

Points to consider

  • Don’t use bulky paragraphs. Instead break it down to:
  • Headlines
  • Sub Headlines
  • One or two line paragraphs
  • Bullet points, and
  • Tables where appropriate
  • Videos
  • Personal tips and hints always have a place on the team page
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