A Quick Started Guide

About Suggesting Tool

The “Suggesting" tool makes for much easier—and less confusing—collaboration for shared documents.

Google Docs as a free and effective Microsoft Word replacement. (ref: Google Drive)

It works like MS Word’s “track changes” feature:

  • Colour-codes any edits, additions or deletions
  • Notes which collaborator made the change
  • All parties can see content history
  • All parties can review, accept or reject changes
  • The document change history is tracked

How to Use Suggesting Tool

To make your changes appear as “suggested edits.”

1 - Open a shared document

  • Click the pencil icon (it’ll be labeled “Editing” if your browser tab is large enough) in the top-right corner of the page

2 - Select “Suggesting” from the pull-down menu

  • Make changes (deletions, additions changes) directly to the document.
  • These will appear with colour coded lines.

Collaborators Notified

Collaborators will be advised and be able to see and either accept or comment on your changes.

When you (or another collaborator) are ready, go back to the document and click on a suggested edit to activate its bubble in the right column.

When everyone is happy with the edits, we will click the checkmark in the bubble to accept it.

If changes are to be rejected or reversed, click the button with the “X”.

Commenting, Not Editing

When you have a question for the editor?

  • Just reply within the edit bubble itself, or
  • Place your curser on the areas in question and add a comment in the suggesting feature box.

To view the “final” document without any suggested edits, return to the pencil icon and select the read-only “Viewing” mode.