Build Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Remove the Obvious, Keep the Profound

A good plan will Clearly Define Your Needs, Build a Complete Online Presence and Create Something Special

You are Unique

No two practices are the same. Every practice has strengths and weakness that can drive subtle or dramatic differences in their approach to marketing their practice.

When one size shoe does not fit all, the first step is to work out what size fits you best.

Strategies to Help You Compete Online

The Road Map Ahead

When building a strategy it is often best to address the basics first. Your Strategy covers 'how' your business is going to deliver the Defined Outcome. Typically it would involve more than one development component (eg: radio, website, database, email, shop point of sale, purchase). Clearly defining the how the process makes up your digital marketing strategy is the deliverable.

When considering your Strategy Development some things we consider are:

  • Matching your offers to your audiences
  • Building efficient and effective communication pathways
  • New business generation and conversion approaches
  • Client frequency and margin improvement tactics
  • Lifetime relationship building processes
  • Automating procedures

We have a range of proven methods that assist in the process of creating a unique Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

Use the Web -

Get the whole Web Working for You

Your patients journey starts with questions, Do you understand what they are?

Marketing (mar·ket·ing) Noun. The orchestration of all the customer management activities that build loyalty to company products and services in order to meet performance objectives.

When you employ our Strategic Consulting services you are using professional digital experts. All of that to save you time and money of course, but also to give you the instant cutting edge that you are looking for.
Our strategic consultants answer the three questions;

What, Why and How

behind creating your Digital Marketing Approach.
Often Strategic Approaches would include:

  • Aligning databases and operating systems
  • Build customer intelligence and develop communication strategies
  • Matching needs with solutions and identifying emotional triggers that motivate response

Guessing Isn't Feasible

This is why you employ professionals to help you understand faster the medium and implement for you quickly and efficiently strategies to drive your business to the next level of communication.

  1. Data audit—determining what customer intelligence is available and accessible within your organisation and databases, and how to leverage from it while enhancing the communication to existing clients and prospects, thus driving lead generation and sales.
  2. Analysis—profiling the database with common characteristics and past purchase behaviour that allow the development of customer profiles, e.g. What do they buy, when do they buy, how do they prefer to buy and what else they might buy
  3. Segmentation—customers and prospects are broken into subsets based on profile information into the database with needs and preferences which will create purchase and cross-sell opportunities

For every product there is a client – Defining the message to reach the relevant client is based on the analysis and the data audit will allow us to create the most relevant message

  • Call to Action—a response mechanism is built into every interaction that moves the customer/prospect to an emotional reaction with a next-step action that leads to a transactional situation.
  • Measurement—tracking mechanisms are implemented with metrics to determined the gain relative to the campaigns created.
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