Medical Story Telling

Great stories connect us to the world around us. Great stories build relationships. Great stories make people care.

At Quantum, our mission is to help your practice help more patients. One effective way is to tell stories.

Quantum can help doctors create great stories, engage audiences, and deliver practice results. We do that using our method approach, creative team and effective distribution strategy.


We Care About Great Stories

Quantum have been telling stories for years, nowadays we have expanded to a broad range of collaborators who use their knowledge, skill and vision to create a better world of content.

In addition to helping practices communicate effectively, we are also continually developing our storytelling method so your message can rise above the noise of interruption marketing.

We think that great stories can change your practice and make a difference to the searching public.

Story Development

  • Research: The first step in creating story based content is doing keyword and topic research.
  • Story Ideation: Then we develop an outline that addresses your targets needs in both an engaging and educational manner. The story and content type need to match before our internal team can start our story ideation process.
  • Collaboration: We collaborate between researchers, writers, designers and our client during the drafting and approval process. In order for workflow timelines to be met we need to
  • Channel and Website Integration: Your content assets are added to and distributed from your blog using a distribution platform, leaving them at your fingertips for reuse and redistribution at a moment's notice.
  • Schedule: Map out your entire editorial strategy and manage the scheduling of your content production and distribution
  • Measurement and ROI: We supply you with regular reports so that you can see and understand the traffic flow improvements. Deeper ROI tools are also available to measure your content strategies actual ROI