Practice Development

Our Approach

Quantum Digital is a methods based business development and digital marketing consultancy with a heavy reliance on both experience and creativity.
Our core focus is on your outcome and satisfaction.
Our methods do not work for every business, but we can tell you whether they would suit your business very quickly. Typically based on an initial telephone analysis.
Before any work can commence we need to efficiently:

  • Perform a more detailed assessment,
  • Create an initial strategic road map, and
  • Define a cost and return on investment (ROI) schedule

It is Quantum's role to assist you in achieving your outcome as effectively and efficiently as possible.
While we use a number of technologies and procedures, our core method can be summarised as follows:

1. Understand
We listen to you with a view to understanding your outcomes, your customer's needs and how to best bridge these two moving elements. Analysis
2. Define
 We establish and agree to a project plan incorporating a deliverable framework including timelines and fees.
3. Create
 We design strategies, visual elements, technology platforms and processes required to support the agreed outcomes.
4. Develop
 We build, manage, test and deliver the project on the agreed terms.
5. Drive
 We value our client relationships and seek to drive ongoing success through the roll out of further Digital Marketing Strategies. 

  • Enquiry
  • Conversion
  • Value
  • Margin
  • Frequency
  • Relationship Term
  • Referrals