AT LEAST 500,000,000 Yahoo accounts have been hacked.

This means yahoo users have compromised clients accounts including: passwords, emails personal data, financial records, recovery emails and other information.

Who Else Has Been Hacked?

There are another 1,500,000,000 non-Yahoo accounts that have been hacked

(Safe Site)

Don't Use The Same Password Twice?

If you use the same password for multiple accounts, you are probably exposed.

If you are compromised we recommend Google Apps

Basic Security

Regardless, we strongly recommend the following actions:

  • Use unique passwords.

  • Use long passwords - 8 characters minimum

  • Change passwords frequently - 4 times a year

  • Only visit websites you know

  • Turn off - browser password savers

Better Security

Experts recommend the following actions:

  • Use password manager - we recommend Lastpass

  • Use two factor authentication - Google TFA

  • Use strong passwords - 12 characters minimum

  • Install software updates

  • Use antivirus software - even Apple users