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Your For Referrer page should be aimed at making your Referrer's job easier, quicker better.

This page outlines possible topic headings, links or downloads that would help your Referrers.

  • Contact Details for Referrers

  • Urgent Referrals Links

  • Referral Pad Downloads

  • Our Services (Referrer Version)

  • Service Summary Sheet Downloads

  • Seminars for Doctors

Our Services Section

Dear Doctor - Thank you for considering our services. This page offers links to:

  • After Hours Referrals

  • Urgent Referrals

  • Referral Pad Orders

  • My Services

  • Patient Education Videos

  • Events & Seminars

Events & Seminars

We have run educational talks and seminars for various GP Groups. We have added below some of this content in abbreviated formats for you to review at your leisure. 

If you would like any of the doctors to present to a group of doctors or one please contact the clinic and the doctor will arrange a time. 

Contact The Surgeon

During Normal Hours

If you need to speak to me for any reason please call or email the practice. My staff will provide you with my mobile number or personal email address.

Please be aware that I may be operating and hence may not be able to answer immediately. However, I will always get back to you as soon as I can. 

After Hours Contact

If you need to discuss a patient directly please access my mobile by clicking the “Urgent Referrers Contact” button . 

Dr Referral Pages

Urgent Appointments

When emergencies occur you can feel confident that Urgent Care is nearby. We offer a specialized service to patients who require immediate care. Urgent patients will be seen as soon as possible.

At the Urgent Care Clinic our aim is to focus on:

  • Onsite Diagnostics - Imaging facilities and pathology are available onsite and can be accessed without undue delay

  • Early Treatment- optimal treatment in a timely manner can often lead to improved outcomes

  • Quick Assessment- Quick and expert assessment

  • Clear Explanation -After the evaluation a clear explanation of your options would be given


GP’s, physiotherapists, sports doctors, sports trainers, coaches

Patients may also refer themselves , but patients who attend without a referral from a GP will not receive as great a rebate from Medicare for your consultation.

Making an Urgent Appointment

Urgent Appointments can be arranged by faxing a referral to us marked URGENT - SEE THIS WEEK

Referral Pads

To order Referral Pads you can:

  • Download Referral Form

  • Request Referral Pad Online

  • Your Phone (XX) XXXX XXXX

  • Your Fax (XX) XXXX XXXXX

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