The first question should not be HOW MUCH but rather “How much is your current web presence costing you?”

You know yourself when a patient puts your treatment cost first as their primary decision driver they are not considering the whole picture. When your patients only take into account what they know or can see, this is rarely covers the full scope of what is involved, and is rarely the basis of a sound decision.

When considering a website there are also many unseen considerations.

Opportunity Costs

One consideration is the ‘opportunity cost’ of not taking action. This cost impacts your practice every week, month, year and involves how many patients are not calling you because:

  • Your website does not answer their questions.
  • These questions should help move you towards action
  • Your prospective patients can't find you
  • Your current website does not look professional


  • Website works with your systems (e.g. bookings)
  • Website uses fully automated forms
  • Website supports new patient generation
  • Website is easy to navigate to useful content
  • Content addresses patient's needs
  • Website supports videos and rich content


When considering a website there are many deliverables that are vital to your online success and are often either not well understood or not even known.


The Basics

  • Full Mobile Responsive Redesign
  • Full Clinical Content Rewrite
  • New & Advanced Technology
  • New Website Post Live Support

More Advanced

  • Extra Feature Recommendations
  • Experience Team with Medical Knowledge
  • Relaunch SEO Expertise & Processes
  • Before & After Performance Analytics