Negative Reviews on RateMDs

RateMDs do have a process:

What if I see a rating that I think should be removed? 
If you think the rating should be removed, click the ‘flag’ icon next to the rating and tell us why it should be removed. If the rating is flagged, and then re-approved, the flag disappears for that rating.
You can also reply to any or all of your ratings 

You cannot remove your listing If it is a valid listing, it will not be removed

One of these ratings is false

and it’s hurting my business.

I want to send you a letter demanding that it be removed.
RateMDs do not accept demand letters because it is not our role to determine whether a review is true or false.

You might dispute the truth of a review, but you're disputing it does not make it false.

Why should we believe you over the reviewer?

Still, we believe your voice should be heard, so you are always free to post a public response to any review on this site. If the rating has been flagged, you can click it to have the rating reviewed. If there is no red flag, it means the rating was already reviewed and re-approved, and will not be reviewed again.

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