our understanding of your needs


Below is a Post Meeting Summary

and a review of what a website project could look like.


During our discussion the following ideas were raised:

  • Purpose of your website and your desired outcomes
  • Where your practice is currently positioned and what can be done
  • Your Specialty and your target audience's needs
  • The design process and some examples
  • The need for your website to be co-aligned with patients needs and your objectives
  • That the mobile version is the most important version
  • The importance of good Clinical Content and how we make it easy and comprehensive
  • The value of a great photos coupled with a suitably crafted and credible profile
  • The value of appropriate and complete Non-Clinical Content
  • Value added inclusions such as Animations and Videos
  • Understanding and explaining your patients journey
  • The Build Process and your inputs to make the website more authentic
  • Our capabilities and how we manage the process
  • Search Engine Optimisation and traffic strategy
  • Other practice grow strategies
  • Your ongoing website support and maintenance moving forward
  • Setting up your off site profiles on both social and reputation websites
  • Our belief in continual and never ending improvement especially once your website goes live

Some useful links discussed include

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