Moving Away Checklist

In order to make this transition as painless as possible can you please supply:

Domain Name Service Details

  • DNS Control Panel Access
  • Change the Tech and Registrant Contact Details
  • Advise to Transfer Ownership

Advise client that if their incoming IT staff do not address these issues fully, when the domain service comes around for renewal and is not renewed their website and email will go down. If they require YPO's assistance at this point it may incur a fee.

Website Details

  • Share the Content Management login details (url, username and password)
  • Advise them of the of any licensing or ownership issues (e.g.: if using YPO Videos this cannot be transferred)
  • If there is no CMS, please advise the client of FTP logins so website can be transferred

Hosting Details

  • As they are moving away they should advise us of how quickly they wish YPO to continue hosting

Social Media Details

  • Facebook - Logins (email and password)
  • Twitter - Logins (email and password)
  • Google Accounts - Logins (email and password) - covering Google+, My Business, Drive, WMT and YouTube
  • LinkedIn - Logins (email and password)

Other Directories

  • Any other directory or offsite channel we have setup to aid in reputation or SEO - Logins (email and password)

Further Communications

Advise on date of final transfer so that our PMS and other YPO support systems are updated correctly.

Finally, if you could also thank them for their custom and wish them all the best in the future.