Why Patients Choose Others

There could be many reasons patients choose other doctors, some reasons are:

  • Can’t Find You Online
  • Profile Lacks Credibility
  • Poor Photos oe Don't Like Your Photo
  • Limited Services or Content
  • Limited Availability
  • Wait Time Too Long
  • Negative Reviews
  • Referrer Does Not Know You
  • Poor Website Usability
  • Unclear Pricing
  • Poor Front Desk Experience
  • Slow Response
  • Limited Communication Options
  • Non Mobile Website
  • Patients Questions Not Answered
  • Price Concerns

Rarely do or can patients judge your practice on its clinical merits. However this is where typically 95% of practices resources are focused.

That is fine if the practice has sufficient new patients, but if this is not the case, perhaps you may need to look at some of these areas.

What Can Be Done?

While the list above can be broken down many ways simply put it is People, Policy or Process. And these problems are both common and solvable.

If you need assistance in identifying or resolving any of these issues get in touch.