Why Doctors Use Social Media?

Social Media one of many medical marketing methods to connect with your target audience, build our brand promise and generate more traffic to your website.

Which Social Channel is Best?

As there are so many social media platforms out there. Which is best for your practice?

The answer is all of them.

If your content helps your patient on their journey, that can be a great start. Optimising each channel’s requirements, audience, and etiquette is also important.

Optimising Instagram

Let’s take a look at how optimising your Instagram posts to perform best. By this we mean:

  • speaks to the audience,

  • boosts your online visibility, and

  • scales your practice.


Instagram is Visual

If you want to capture the imagination of an Instagram audience it has to be visual.

While doctors may find this hard to start with, as the medical niche does not always inspire lots of visual content like wedding cakes or sports cars, but it can be.

So your Instagram page starts with Photos, Images, Infographics or GIFs and a bit of imagination and creativity. Instagram for Doctors should not be ignored.

Examples of Instagram for Doctors

Think about your patients and what they respond to when you talk with them. Sometimes just starting with a simple approach is a good start. Try with posts like

  • Related or inspiring quotes.

  • Answer common questions - one post at a time.


As time goes by your Instagram you become more focused on keywords and improved visuals along the lines of the following:

  • Q&A’s with more visual content or explainer videos,

  • Storytelling  or case studies (before, during, after),

  • Showing what happens behind the scenes, invite patients “backstage” can demystify

  • News and developments with pictures, and

  • Events and presentations optimised for Instagram


All in all, the visual nature of Instagram gives you an unprecedented chance to build a buzz around your practice and get patients interested if not excited in what, why and how you can help them.

Instagram Tech Tips

  • Use the “highlight” feature to ensure your most popular content is visible even well after it may have expired.

  • Use # tagging to link to interest groups


How We Can Help With Instagram?

We understand both What you do and How social media can help.

By creating unique and focused content designed to help your patients, we help you help more patients.

Instagram is one of several online channels that we use every day to help doctors connect to prospective patients. The content is distributed across many channels to ensure it is seen by as large an audience as possible.

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