Want More Patients?

We often are asked about how to achieve better search traffic and build more relevant patient enquiry. As medicine becomes more competitive the challenge has become harder.

The Old Days

While most of our clients rank well and the Basic SEO included in the standard maintenance agreement does the job, we have noticed an increased demand for improved SEO beyond the Basic Offer.

A SEO Big List

To improve a website’s Google ranking for a new website or in a competitive keyword space can involve several approaches. Each approach can be designed to improve anyone of the more than 200 metrics used by Google to rank your website.

Immediate On Site Actions

However we recommend starting with the fundamentals. These include many of the points raised in the infographic posted here such as:

1 - Keyword Selection

2 - Quality Content

3 - Image Sizes and Load Times

4 -Tagging and Keyword Performance

8 - Answering Questions and Dwell Time

9 - Mobile Friendliness

10 - Thin or irrelevant content

Immediate Off Site Actions

Once the basic On Site Actions have been addressed be recommend building site and authority using social media and off site linking.

These outcomes can be achieved by using the following strategies

5 - Page Authority - using Blogs and Social Media,  Content Marketing

6 - Domain Authority - using Content Marketing, Video Marketing,

7 - Link Relevancy - using Reputation Marketing, Link Building

Building Your Practice Online

Quantum Digital have proven our skills with website marketing with over 1,000 local doctors websites in Australia. We offer a range of services that enable greatly improved traffic and patient performance.