Medical Website for Perth Surgeon

Website Plan

Dr. Isaacs came to us looking to redevelop his recently built website. The existing website lacked visual engagement, content, and effective optimisation, as it was not created by a medical website design specialist.

As a comprehensive ophthalmology practice specialising in many ophthalmology conditions including cataract and glaucoma, Dr. Isaacs wanted an effective makeover of his website combined with an improved online presence.

Website Design

Taking the colours and visual vocabulary from his previous design our design team created to a website that supported the patient's’ sense that Dr Isaacs is the right choice professionally as well as showing a caring, safe and local service solution.

The website design needed to be visually exciting and aimed to easily position the practice's services and then answer patients’ questions with information about what and how services are delivered.

The website design also sort to differentiate the practice by demonstrating advantages and benefits of Dr. Isaac's service.

Website Content

The website content creation followed the normal Clinical and Non Clinical development methodology that also acts as a full content gap analysis.

The content drafted by our content team was also enhanced by client contributions and the inclusion of explainer videos. This made the website content more unique and will improve the websites performance overtime.

While our experienced medical writers' content typically requires minimal inputs by the client we love it when our clients offer personalised inputs as well as adding more focused website content.

The well structured conditions and treatments as well as the equally important non-clinical content has proven to be very important also.

Website Outcome

The client was happy with the end result. Obviously the website dominates for name searches, but is also ranking well for condition searches like "macular degeneration perth".

The website incorporates responsive web site design and is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Website Support

Medical web sites are continually being updated, as part of the unlimited support package -- we critique, encourage and suggest regular changes.

After the website went live our SEO and Social Media teams have been focusing on establishing improved off site optimisation.

For this web site we are continuing to improve both user experience and function both on the website and over the many off site social channels we help managed for the client.




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