Benefits of a New Design Summary

  • Allow you to cleanly re-frame your messages for improved visitor engagement
  • Improve Online Image with a contemporary and professional design to improve engagement
  • Improve Patient Communication with better graphics enabling improved engagement and usability
  • Better On Home Page Conversion with a more patient focused approach resulting in longer stay and more click through rates improving Google and Patient engagement metrics
  • Improved CMS (content management system) allowing faster load times improving Google ratings and greater flexibility

This benefits would result in

  • Improved SEO meaning better online visibility
  • Clear Message enabling patients to feel more comfortable
  • Improved Visitor Conversion meaning more callers
  • Easier Navigation meaning less calls and improved productivity

Website Critique

Home or Landing Page Analysis

Because every patient googles you and your areas of service - having a great website is important. If your website’s primary function was to rate well with Google and act as primary information portal - it works.

If however, you website's purpose was to:

  • project a contemporary and professional image,
  • act as a referral resource,
  • compete in a busy area of medicine and attract patients, there is considerable room for improvement.

Your website needs work because there are many more patients online looking for your services who dont know you. You do not benefit from a GP referral where you have referrer credibility.

A good website needs to:

answer questions
engage visitors
build credibility
lower barriers
call visitors to action

IMPORTANT: mobile version - your website does not employ responsive or adaptive web technology and as such does not adapt to your viewers devices. Most of your visitors find your website using a mobile device (phone or pad) - your website does not present well on these platforms.

Below we have some simple observations:

What I like:

There are elements of your current website that still work including:

  • Strong branding and nice leverage from St Vincents logo
  • Your colours are clear and professional
  • Clinic Information - it is clear, accessible and comprehensive
  • Clear Service Categories - making your service offer relatively clear
  • Well positioned calls to action - including telephone,
  • Most of the action is above the fold

Things I'd Change or Add:

Below is a simple review of your website

+ Immediate Impression

  • The design is too cluttered - the page tries to do too much
  • More about you than the patient
  • Uses visually unattractive images
  • Does not employ feature or benefit rich headlines,
  • Does not engage or give reasons for visitors not to bounce.
  • In general the design is dated with elements that look dated including:
    • Too much text on and does not use plain English
    • No Focus on Benefits
    • Does not use dynamic imagery to reinforce the benefits and evoke feelings like joy, satisfaction
    • Perhaps tell a story for example a young mother holding a new baby with a headline like “Fall In Love With Your Future”
    • Overall the design needs to be less intimidating and simple
    • I don't feel as though there is direction on the home page. It does not answer the question “What is in It for Your Visitor” to move further into the website eg:
  • Gallery area should be designed to engage and communicate benefits - using benefits supported with engagement devices will improve your website’s performance
  • Headlines non existent so the patients beneficial gains are not communicated
  • Perhaps you should add a Referrers and First Visit Tabs
  • Patient Info and Services page should be merged
  • Your photo could be warmer and but still is professional

+ Answer visitors' questions

  • The website has varying levels of engagement, but no clear pathway
  • One good way is ask and answer the simple questions: Am I in the right place? maybe What are my first steps? or What do I do next? not really
  • Am I a candidate? or a direct engagement should be used and then call them to action after they input certain criteria -

+ Engagement

what is the next step in visitor's journey and draw them towards this step

  • Guide the patients eyes and their next step (learn more, meet the Drs, gain insights)
  • Downloads - Hints and Tips
  • Engage with a purpose in your high impact area - Pain Analysis
  • Use of Video - your patient story could be leveraged more
  • Before and Afters stories - are good as people like them
  • Post Op Plan - Free download (learn more, meet the Drs, gain insights)
  • Offer 2nd opinions and Make an Appointment should be buttons

+ Credibility

the landing page needs to build your visitors confidence

  • media endorsements or appearances
  • social proof through positive patient posts (permitted where testimonials are not)
  • Use logos for college and hospital as credibility icons while they are there I would monochrome. Not links but credibility devices (never send a visitor off your website)

+ Lower Barriers to taking action

what do you want your visitors to do

  • As discussed be clear on what you want people to do - call or are their secondary options

+ Call your visitors to action CTA

  • Use a free call or toll free telephone number (especially for Dubbo patients)
  • Maybe an After Hours calling using a virtual service
  • Form Submission is not compelling and has no privacy link
  • Allow patients to make an appointment directly online even if in a limited fashion communicates good service values
  • Use chat engagement        

Things I'd Test

There are other aspects of your online presence that are worth reviewing including:

  • review traffic metrics and your measure conversion based optimisation
  • search engine marketing
  • reputation management
  • online payments - can make some payments easier.
  • include TeleMedicine for remote patient access