Website Conversion Comments

As a ‘rule of thumb’ a great websites’ metric for 3,000 unique first time visitors per month should be converting at about >300 callers (subject to variable factors). 

Your current organic and paid search metrics can be greatly improved if you improved your website. Below is a simple critique.

What I Like:

Your logo and colours work well, unique, simple and consistent (online and offline) on OC

  • Content is very authentic, especially on OC
  • Telephone number clear on OC
  • Use of Headlines good OC
  • Scope of services and clear and engagement - DCT
  • BMI devices in high impact area - OC
  • Not too cluttered - OC

Things I’d add or Change

Some immediate impressions

  • Both designs are dated and inconsistent
  • Both websites are not mobile friendly
  • Branding of both sites should be more consistent and use common visual devices
  • Targeting does not seem well structured - better to target specific personas
  • Vertical menus and number of items too much
  • Gallery area above the fold is wasted. This area should be designed to engage and communicate benefits - using benefits supported with engagement devices will improve your website’s performance (Offer Analysis would clearly define these important elements)
  • Headlines that ask questions are good but perhaps question(s) could be improve Generally a benefits driven headline and sub-headline like “Fall in Love with Your Future” would work better.
  • The stock images could be more real but they are not unattractive
  • Some images distract the visitor from your message and are not coordinated with eye tracking and message.
  • Perhaps you should add a Referrers Tab
  • Your photo does not do your natural good looks justice, it could be warmer and more inviting
  • It does not answer the question “What is in It for Your Visitor” or begin to take the visitor on a journey.

Answer visitors' questions

Each site has varying levels of engagement, but no clear path - Am I in the right place? maybe What are my first steps? or What do I do next? not really


  • Am I a candidate? or a direct engagement should be used and then call them to action after they input certain criteria
  • What is your visitors next step? should be obvious and take them there
  • Engagement device could be made far more impactful
  • Before and Afters stories are ESSENTIAL
  • Free ……..Plan - Free download (learn more, meet the Drs, gain insights)
  • Engage with a purpose - Show Me before Buy Me Tools (examples are available)
  • Hints and Tips - promote email engagement - and collect emails Offer Free Guide


  • The landing page needs to build your visitors confidence
  • Design, alliances (hospitals, media, colleges)
  • Media endorsements or appearances
  • 3000+ is big proof needs to be better presented - but social stats are 1000% more impactful
  • Social proof through positive patient posts (permitted where testimonials are not)
  • Patient Testimonials - dont work on your website and contrary to regulations

Lower Barriers to taking action

  • what do you want your visitors to do     
  • As discussed be clear on what you want people to do - maybe an additional inducement could be added, free information or guide to ... What are questions you are commonly asked that can be answered online? How Much? needs to be answered even if as a process (no $$$) and induce them to call
  • Add a telephone number top RHS - every page
  • Finance? Significant issue for many patients it should be addressed.
  • Call your visitors to action CTA

Allow new patients to book an appointment online

  • 24/7 call back
  • Chat?
  • Forms and downloads
  • While there are many other things that can also be done this is a start.

Things I'd Test

  • Do you still want/need a General Surgeon Website?
  • Engagement Metrics
  • A/B testing using specific landing pages with SEM
  • review traffic metrics
  • video your sessions and maybe offer webinars, allow patients to time shift - Websites for Doctors and Medical Marketing - Australia