Latest Small Wireless Pacemaker

The Micra is so small that it sits inside the right ventricle. Micra is 93% smaller than conventional pacemakers, about the size of a large vitamin capsule.


Micra Transcatheter Pacing System, a pacemaker so small that it rests inside the heart, operates steadily and silently without the wires of a conventional design, which can break and cause infections or blood clots.


A surgeon implants the mini pacemaker inside the heart’s right ventricle by slipping it onto a catheter guided through the femoral vein.

Self-contained — Micra is completely self-contained within the heart. It eliminates potential medical complications arising from a chest incision and from wires running from a conventional pacemaker into the heart


An electrode on the pacemaker is powered by the attached battery and delivers steady electric pulses to regulate heartbeat. It’s designed to last at least 12 years, after which another one can be implanted if necessary.