Whether you use process automation to save time or to offer patients better service, one thing is for sure - it makes life easier.


When a visitor comes to your website offer them something that would interest them:

  • Free Guide or eBook
  • Fact Sheet
  • What to Expect Infographics
  • Presentation Links
  • Checklist
  • Research Papers

As part of the digital handshake, a call to action or a download requirement should include an email capture (maybe with a 2 factor confirmation email.)

You Understand their Journey

This handshake should be the beginning of a  daisy-chain of communications. Emails, seminars (online or offline), special offers, more education and journey syncing.

As the process moves forward, more details and possible segmentation can be introduced, based on open rates, geographic information or further form filling.

Set and Forget

The payoff is worth the investment. Once the system is set up, it is really a gift that keeps on giving. But it does not end there.

Process Automation should be considered with every repetitive task involving patent information. If you find yourself doing the same things over and over, why not automate.

Once you start to look, opportunities are everywhere.

Make It Happen

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