As soon as you drive your new car out of the showroom, it immediately starts to age.

Designed to Last

While your car may perform its functional requirements perfectly ten years after you purchased it, the footpath perception can be different.

Websites are a bit the same, maybe more so, as rarely do your patients judge your professional performance by the car you may drive.

How Old is Your Website?

While it may feel like last year, time flies.

Online it moves at the speed of light and changing trends and patient expectations are moving quickly as well.

Does your website express your professional standing? Are potential patients bouncing from your home page?

Get Expert Insights for Free

At Quantum, we do not perform “punch biopsies” or “bowel resections”, but we can honestly tell you in language you can understand what is wrong and what can be done to fix it.

Risks of Neglect

For Doctors who ignore their Online Presence it is like a patient ignoring a “cankerous growth”. While an dated website can be ok, over time and with ongoing neglect, the minor issues can become major and result in material damage.

This damage can be avoided decisive action and the right team to review, plan and execute a new website and build an effective web presence.

Some Areas That May Need Action

by ongoing nurture

For time-poor doctors here is a quick guide:

Design Make Over

Anything over five years can look out of date, consider a makeover.

Content Rewrite

Refocus your content to be more engaging, informative and easy to consume.

Contact Details

Ensure all your location details are easy to find, accurate and consistent. Not only on your website but on the 20 other listings online.       

What You Do

De clutter and be helpful. Start from a patient’s perspective and build to what you can offer the patient.

Keep Content Coming

Send us as much relevant content as you can. Patients and Google both are hungry for answers and many doctors ignore this simple task.   

Get Visual

Build a gallery, tell a picture story, as patients to share their stories. Avoid stock and go for authentic.

Don’t Ignore the Phone

The mobile phone. Responsive website optimise for touch screen and size. This is last but not the least. Search engines want it, your patients use it and you should have it.

Free Redesign Options

Customers of Quantum Digital are offered a free redesign every year as part of their standard maintenance agreement. This helps with the budget and helps your patients.