Mobile Brain Scanner Better Than a CT?

BrainScope aims to help diagnose traumatic brain injury (TBI) in circumstances where a CT scan is impractical. It combines smartphone software with a disposable electrode headpiece.


Clinical trials have shown that BrainScope One can indicate the presence or absence of brain injury with 98% accuracy and could reduce the rate of unnecessary CT scans by about a third.

The device is FDA approved and is in use at hundreds of locations.


The BrainScope One brain injury assessment device uses EEG-based technology that facilitates confident decision-making on the spot.

  • Actionable answers in minutes

  • Assess the full spectrum of brain injury including functional abnormalities

  • Non-invasive

  • For patients 18-85 years of age

  • For use within 3 days of mild head injury in patients with GCS 13-15 (including concussion/mTBI)


It is not intended as a stand-alone diagnostic or to be used as a replacement for a CT scan.