Trust is Earned

Your target patients make investments in you based on the amount of trust you have earned.

As patients travel along their decisioning journey there are ways to win trust, and one way is by delivering on “small” promises at the beginning of your relationship with patients looking for your solution but who do not know you..

What has changed?

Traditionally trust was referred by the general practitioner to the specialist. This has changed as more patients are empowered by search engines.

It is only natural and coincides with a lower Patient-GP relationship strength in primary health care.

If patients can find many answers to their questions with their mobile and it is easy, why wouldn’t they?

What are the 2 Things to Build Trust?

Trust develops at different speeds for different patients, so their is rarely the same path. The two key drivers are at patients:

  • Need, whether emotional or physical and
  • Evidence, that you can deliver  

Sounds obvious but often they are overlooked. As patients looking for a service with strong need may not have the resources to judge the evidence or the funds take the next step.

Questions based on Mindset

The assumption that patients will book an appointment simple based on “baby” level trust when their fears or concerns are not addressed can lead to poor outcomes.

Fears and questions need to be defined and answered so you can both share and be seen as open and trustworthy, but also to help them on their decision journey.

Offer Choice to Engage

In line with the different paths, offering questions and answers in different formats and on different channels can also access more patients where they spend their time.

Offering entry choices to your services can also be designed.

The first step is to engage and then nurture your prospective patients.

Trust Follows Engagement

Engagement with your prospective patients can be online, over the phone, in seminars or through referrers.  Fulfilling patients needs and nurturing a patient’s journey needs to be understood, mapped and enhanced.

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