Orthopaedic Hip-Knee Surgeon Medical Website Redesign

Website Plan

Dr Roderick Brooks a solo, fully independent hip and knee specialist, practising at Sydney Adventist Hospital, Lady Davidson Private Hospital, and Mt Wilga Private Hospital.

Dr Brooks's patients are more commonly Women (compared to men) and patients will typically range in ages between 40 and 70. Prospective patients who are looking for a solution to their hip & knee pain and who maybe looking for a second opinion as to the right path.

The purpose of the website redesign is to improve his practice’s online visibility - especially his new location at the Mater Clinic in Wollstonecraft/Crows Nest, and differentiate the practice by demonstrating advantages and benefits of the doctor's service.

Old Website

Website Design

The healthcare website redesign needs to be fresh, contemporary, warm, clean, professional and uncluttered.

The website redesign needs to promote his focused expertise and advanced treatments for Hip & Knee conditions, and position the practice as a leader in Hip & Knee surgery and more specifically Robotic. 

Website Content

The website content creation followed the normal Clinical and Non Clinical development methodology that also acts as a full content gap analysis. The process requires minimal inputs by the client as all the custom content is created by our experienced medical writers.

The Client supplied some photos and person clinical insights. His old content was also reviewed for improved optimisation.

Website Outcome

The client was happy with the end result.

The website incorporates responsive website design and is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Website Support

Medical websites are never complete, as part of unlimited support package we critique, encourage and suggest regular changes.

For this website we are continuing to improve both user experience and function both on the website. We ensure that SEO standing is maintained if not improved from the old website design.