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Easy Personalised Medications

A 6 cm cube 3D printer that makes pills and gummies for neighborhood pharmacists in a third of the time required to fill capsules by hand.

The problem is conventional industrial-size pharmaceutical compounders, which can personalize medicines and dosages for individual patients, are too pricey for most pharmacies.

AutoCompounder will also enable the creation of a poly-pill, combining the needed doses of several medications into one tablet.

Consistent & Quick Pill Production

3d printer compounds
3D Printing

A new AutoCompounder from Vitae Industries (a small US startup) can make pills and gummies in about 10 minutes.

Load - A pharmacist mixes medicine with a proprietary polymer and fills the AutoCompounder’s single disposable cartridge with the resulting compound.

Print - Then the desired quantity of tablets or gummies is selected, as well as the correct dosage for a patient’s prescription.

The printers will cost about A$6,000 and  maintenance.