We sense something different or a symptom, and then turn to our mobile second brain.

Instantly we begin to ‘educate’ ourselves. Should we feel guilty, and is the answer helpful?

What Doctors Think?

We hear mixed responses from doctors.

The patient that walks in with printed pages and a list of questions. Some doctors feel they spend extra time addressing these sometimes unnecessary diagnostic theories.

Other doctors are happy that patients have taken the time to understand their body better.

Unstoppable Trend

No doubt medical research by patients is an unstoppable trend. Medical information and data is becoming democratised.

Pretty well everyone does it, so patients should not feel guilty, and doctors need to work effective strategies to use this trend so that it can also benefit them.

Doctors Taking the Advantage

Because Doctors have heard the questions people put into Google’s search box hundreds of times before, you already understand your patient's concerns, and their journey to understand their symptoms.

By creating content that answers these questions you can help Google provide search result answers. This will in turn generate clicks to your blog or social channel. This is called a digital handshake.

By helping patients to understand, you also help yourself.

Medical Content Marketing - 101

Creating helpful patient information and distributing it via blogs and social postings is called ‘Content Marketing’.

Within even six months, a medical content marketing strategy can become your most cost effective traffic, and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.