Website Design for Sydney Dentists

Website Plan

Kogarah Dental Care is a family dental practice in Sydney. The practice is focused on general dentistry and Kogarah Dental Care’s patients are across all ages: Children, Teens, Adolescent, Late Teens, Young men and women and on to old age.

The website needs to be patient-focused, visually engaging, addresses patient's needs and questions.

Website Design

The website needs to reinforce a sense of Safe, Professional and Understanding. But unlike some websites that are either too compassionate or too bright, the website needs to display a balance.

The layout is to be clean and effective - the colours professional and toned down.

Website Content

The website content creation followed the normal Clinical and Non Clinical development methodology that also acts as a full content gap analysis.

The process requires minimal inputs by the client as all the custom content is created by our experienced medical writers.

The well structured conditions and treatments as well as the equally
important non-clinical content has proven to be very important also.
The Client supplied some photos and person clinical insights.

Website Outcome

The client was happy with the end result.

The website incorporates responsive website design and is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Website Support

Dental websites are never complete, as part of unlimited support package we critique, encourage and suggest regular changes.

For this website we are continuing to improve both user experience and function both on the website and over the many off site social channels we have established.